My DIY Recipe to Make Beautiful Cake Pops for Sweet Birthday

If you are looking for the simple and easy recipe to make sweet cake pops to DIY for the birthday, let’s follow this post:

1. Chocolate Cake Pops

This is a dish of cake with rather popular materials.
  • Raw material:
– 1 medium-sized cake
– Butter: 80 grams
– Black chocolate: 100 grams
– Skewer sticks
– Paper cup
– Cooking oil
  • Making:
– Pulp the cake.
– Boil the butter to be fluid.
– Then, mix it with the pulped cake part above until they are supple to mold into balls. The size of each ball small or big is depending on your favors.
– Put these balls in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
– Cut the chocolate to be small and put it in a bowl to boil with boiled water and weak fire. After that, pour a little oil in chocolate to make it shiny, reduce the solid nature, and can flow in the line, finally, let it cool.
– When the time is enough, take the cake pops out of the refrigerator, stew them into the stick and dip them in the melted chocolate, then dip them in the decorative nuggets and wait for the chocolate outer freezing for a while.
– Keep them in the fridge to eat more delectable.
– If you do not prefer cake pop stewed into sticks, you can also put each ball into the paper cup with the suitable size. It is easy to put them in ornament boxes.

2. Jam Stuffing Cake Pops

This version of cake pops is extremely lovely. This post will show you the way to make them. We are sure that the slight sweetness of the cake pie layer together with the sour-sweet taste of the jam stuffed will make your baby be charmed.
  • Raw material:
– Egg: 70 grams
– Sugar: 40 grams
– Cake flour: 70 grams
– Baking soda: 1 gram
– Butter: 50 grams
– Pineapple jam (or other fruit jam basing on your favorite taste): 100 gram
– Sprinkled ornament
– Tools: Cake pop molds
  • Making:
– Put the butter in a bowl at the room temperature to make it soft. Then, boil it to melt completely.
– Beat the egg into the bowl, add sugar and flour. Sift flour directly into the bowl and mix them up.
– Pour the melted butter into it, add baking soda and mix finely to a smooth mixture.
– Divide the pineapple jam into 2 parts, each part is 50 grams.
            + Put one part in flour bowl, stir to a smooth mixture. Pour this mixture into the cream bag, cut a small mouth on it and press it into the mold with the shape of round balls. Keep them in about 10 minutes to make the surface of powder dry.
            + Pour the extent pineapple jam into the cream bag. Pump the jam inside the pie to make the stuff of cake pops.
– Heat the oven to 160° C and then, put the cake mold in it to bake for about 17 minutes.
– After that, take the cake mold out, cut the fire in the oven.
– Let the mold cool and invert it to take the cake out of the mold.
– Bake the extant face of the cake for the same time or till the surface of cake dry.
– Stew the cake with the sticks and sprinkle some ornament.

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