How to Make Planet Cake Pops

Time to prepare: 2:30
Time to cook: 5 minutes
Advanced: difficulty


This planet cake pops recipe needs a 25cm polystyrene block and 16 white lollipop sticks. Before starting, you have to ensure that your freezer has enough space for this dish.


  • 450g iced chocolate mud cake
  • 1/4 cup ready-made milk chocolate frosting
  • 1 tsp yellow, blue, purple and orange sprinkles
  • 1 tsp purple, green hundreds and thousands
  • 275g NESTLÉ BAKERS’ CHOICE White Choc Melts
  • 100g NESTLÉ BAKERS’ CHOICE White Choc Melts, extra, melted,
  • Two rainbow sour straps for decorating
  • Green star sprinkles and small white for decorating
Step 1:
First of all, you have to break cake for icing them into the small pieces then put all of them in your food processor. The purpose of this process is to have a good crumbs. Let you add frosting after transferring to your bowl. Do not forget to stir until you get a good combination. Finally, line a big baking tray attached to baking paper to prepare for baking balls which are rolled that mixture with level of tablespoon. You had better freeze within 30 minutes or until it is firm.
Step 2:
Spread hundred and thousand sprinkles over separate shallow balls while put the melt part in your microwave-safe bowl for microwaving within from one to two minutes at medium heat (50 percent). Remember to use a metal spoon to stir each 30 seconds until there is a smooth and melted combination. After taking out, let you dip every lollipop stick into your melted chocolate about 2cm in depth. Every cake ball had better be pushed into the dipped end of every half lollipop. Do not forget to return to the baking tray to work in batch. If possible, you ought to transfer chocolate to the remelt and mug. The process of creating coat has to happen quick (dipping your cake balls into the prepared melted chocolate). If you would like to remove the excess chocolate, you just need tap on their sides gently. Do you want your work to be more beautiful? Simply, roll them in sprinkles. To sand upright, let you insert your plant cake pops into polystyrene. Like the step 1, you ought to freeze within 30 minutes or until firm.
Step 3:
To cut sour straps into each separate coloured strip, you only need utilize scissors to trim lengths as long as they suit to around your planet cake pops. It is very important for you to add an extra tsp of melted chocolate into a snap lock bag. After snipping off a corner of the coloured strip, piping a little chocolate along a side. You must secure around all of strips of your planet cake pops as well as their stars by some melted chocolate.
What is your final task? That is to service.
Note: In case you would like to make 2-toned cake pop, let you try to mix a little sprinkle colour.

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