My Dracula Cookies Recipe


My Dracula Cookies

You can make and enjoy these cookies any time of the year, but it sure makes very nice and fun treats for Halloween. Also, the cookies are a bit more filling than just candies so parents would appreciate the effort of preparing these easy-to-make cookies. While the name may sound fancy, preparation is so easy, using just the microwave and refrigerator.

What you need:

Makes 6 Dracula’s

  • Hazelnut truffles, 6 pcs.
  • White candy coating, chopped, 5 oz.
  • Fruit Roll-up, red or green, 1 pc.
  • Oreo cookies, 6 pcs.
  • Black decorating icing, 1 can.
  • Almonds, halved, 6 pcs.


  1. Line a pan with wax paper, and place the hazelnut truffles on it;
  2. Place this in the freezer for 10 minutes;
  3. Melt the candy coating in the microwave, stir till smooth;
  4. Dip the frozen truffles in the melted candy coating, covering it completely;
  5. Let the excess coating drip off;
  6. Return this to the wax paper-lined pan;
  7. Put inside refrigerator until the coat has hardened;
  8. Cut the Fruit Roll-up into thin strips. This will be the décor behind the Dracula’s head;
  9. If the melted candy coating has hardened, reheat;
  10. Dip the hardened truffles (from the freezer) in the candy coating again, let excess drip off;
  11. Place one truffle on each Oreo;
  12. Use the cut Fruit Roll-up as the cape, wrapping it around the base of the truffle;
  13. Hold your Dracula head until coat hardens and sets;
  14. Use the black decorating icing (placed inside pastry bag or plastic bag with small tip) to make hair, eyes and mouth;
  15. The halved almonds are the fangs;
  16. Put your creations in airtight container to avoid getting the cookie soft.

While you give out these treats, you can scare the kids with some Dracula trivia. Do you know Dracula is just a fictional character, a creation of Irish author, Bram Stoker in 1897? He moved from Transylvania to the UK to find more victims to suck blood from.

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