How to Make Cupcake Cake Pops

Cake pop is the new trend in the field of sweets and dessert. The tiny, sweet cake which lays on a stick resemble the shape of a lollipop will catch the attention of everyone who looks at it and then wants to try it so bad.
If you are going to host a party and still considering about a certain types of sweets and desserts to offer your guest, you might think of this cake pop.
There are so many creative and innovative ways that you could decorate your cake pops. Basically, you can create cake pops that will suit your party’s theme meaning that you can have cake pops with different colors and shapes.
Another adorable design of cute cake pop is cupcake cake pops. Imagine that you will have a tiny cupcake that is attached to a stick. Eating it will be fun and convenient as well.
If you want to make a cupcake cake pop, then you should follow this article to find out the basic recipe that you could use to make cupcake cake pop.
Here is the recipe for cupcake cake pop to make:

1/ First You Need to Prepare the Following Ingredients

  • For the core cake pop:
First, you will need lollipop sticks
Secondly, you need to prepare a cake. It could be the cake you do it for yourself or the cake you brought from store. You can choose whichever flavor you prefer, from plain, chocolate and vanilla. The last thing you need to prepare is 100 ml of melted chocolate- dark or white is based on your preference.
  • For the topping:
When decorating the toppings of the cake pops, you should prepare enough ingredients like making the normal cupcake. Prepare other decorations such as sprinkles, white chocolate and vegetable oil.

2. Steps By Steps On How to Make Cupcake Cake

Because it is the cupcake cake pop, the fore, the most important thing of the process is making the cupcake.
  • Firstly, you need to crumble all of the cake with your hands. You can do it by dividing the cake into small pieces and blend them well with your blender or your food processor.
  • In the next step, you have to melt your chocolate into liquid by using the heating or microwave. When this chocolate is melt, mix them thoroughly with all the cake crumbs you have prepared.
  • The next step is very important thing. It will decide the shape of your cake pop. If you want your cake pops to have the perfect shape of cupcakes, you should be very careful on this step. Make the crumbs into various balls.
  • After you finish shaping your cake pops, you need to let them still in the freezer for at the maximum of 15 minutes. Don’t let your cake pops stay in the freezer longer than that or they will be frozen.  Remember to cover these cake pops with aluminum foil or wrap.
  • When the wait is over, you should take the cake pop out and make the round balls into the cupcake shape. You can use cookie cutter for quicker process and beautiful result. After you use the cutter, take it out carefully.
  • Lastly, you dig the cupcake shaped piece into to the bowl of melted chocolate. Then put them again into the fridge. You should so it multiple times to make sure the coat around the cake pops is thick enough and even.  You should also attach the stick to the cake now.
  • When you finishing covering the cake pops, decorating whichever way you like.
This is the most basic recipe to make cupcake cake pop. There are a lot of ingredients and the process of making cupcake cake pop is not so short – luckily the recipe here is so simple to follow. However, if you put your time, energy and passion into making them, they will sure be the biggest hit of a party and everyone will like it. They definitely and sweetly pay off.

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